Monday, October 25, 2010


Copy culture is not uncommon in film industries. Spread ed
all over the world all the "Woods" have affected by it more or less.
But what unique about the Odia film industry(Ollywood) ?

OK if you are a movie buff and watching so  many of South movies
then you can point out the difference. About 70-80% movies releasing
in Ollywood are direct copy or a mixture of many southern movies.
So what keeping us to copy/remake the south?

1. It is easy, the director and the writer do not need to do much as the
    story is pre-told & the direction also.
 2. As most of the odia audience are from villages & very less know about the 
     south movies & it is very easy to fool them.
3. There is no problem of copy wright (as the south industry really don't care
     about what going here).
 4. And finally the south movie DVDs can be brought at Rs.10 from the footpath.

This section C2 taking you to inside of the Ollywood's copy culture. 


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